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Zipper film festival
The votes are in! The ZFF Selection Committee have chosen five diverse C4S Creators to showcase their fetish visions in # short clips at the Zipper Film Festival sponsored by Clips4Sale.Get ready to unleash your imagination and embark on a journey into the world of fetish through the eyes of these talented fetish filmmakers. Then join your host, Max Candy as he presents the Fetish Con premiere of his new documentary film, “tOuch Kink”!

Florida Creator Showcase @Fetish Con 2023

Friday, August 11, 2023 from 9:00pm - 12:00am in the Grand Central Event Space

Florida Official Selections

Angel The Dreamgirl
"Mind-blowing Sex My Step-Mom Caught Me in Her Bedroom"
Store - 68591Clips

Stepmom Angel arrives home from work early and notices her bedroom door slightly open and noise coming from the room, she peeps in the door and sees her stepson on her bed wearing her pantyhose and jerking off while smelling a few pantyhose over his face. Stepmom Angel gets aroused and goes into her closet to change into some new pantyhose she purchased, Angel enters the room Encased in pantyhose like on the boss's order, layered with white holdup stockings (from the boss's order) your stepson is embarrassed but you tell him it's OK.

Angel The DreamgirlAngel The Dreamgirl
Freshies Juice Box
"Anal Whore at The Vet with Lexi Grey and Freshie Juice"
Store - 80583Clips

Lexi was captured 2 months ago and she's been kept as this crazy couples puppy anal slut. Freshie walks in dressed as a nurse, she offers Lexi some puppy food and she resists at first. Freshie reminds her what happens when she disobeys her and threatens Lexi with the shock collar. Lexi reluctantly eats some, Freshie then orders Lexi to crawl out of her cage and makes Lexi perform some puppy tricks. Freshie explains since Lexi is not a normal "pet" she can't take Lexi to a normal doctor, so she and her husband built an exam room to make sure their puppy is healthy.

Freshies Juice BoxFreshies Juice Box
Worship Waltrude
"GENESIS: Beyond the Pleasure Matrix"
Store - 204585Clips

Mezmerotic body snatchers are infiltrating Earth. You are the most successful human general in the resistance, and I am your darling Domme Wife. Or am I really? You are winning and I want to celebrate your victory and help you relax. I greet you in my sexiest lingerie and I start kissing you, smiling mischievously and licking your neck. Your ear. I play with my tongue, entrancing you as I whisper sexy, naughty words. Let my voice control your mind. I want you to focus on the way my words are pouring pleasure into your brain. When you breathe and relax and listen to my voice all kinds of interesting things can happen can't they? Now that you are all worked up... I think I can tell you a secret. I've learned how the Hive mind controls the human body.

Worship WaltrudeWorship Waltrude
Emma Lilly Clips
"The Totem - Chubby Slut Piss Desperation"
Store - 155455Clips

Emma is ANNOYING! She speeds in the rain while she slurps down huge amounts of cheap soda - all while complaining every chance she gets! When she gets stuck behind a school bus her impatience is on full display. She decides to take a shortcut she knows she shouldn't - ignoring the signs warning her of what's to come... Back home it seems like she got off scot-free and she heads to the bathroom to relieve her now full bladder. This is when she discovers the error of her ways - there's a mysterious figure sitting on her toilet! No matter what she does, she cannot will herself to remove the totem. She has to suffer the misery.

Emma Lilly ClipsEmma Lilly Clips
HFG Multimedia
"Invasion Of The Body Fatteners 3"
Store - 14798Clips

They're back... And this time they're not just feeding... They're breeding. Ami Mercury was resting peacefully when she was beamed up into an alien spaceship The extraterrestrials on board have a plan for Ami... to feed her as fat as possible and breed her to continue on their alien race.

HFG MultimediaHFG Multimedia
Max Candy
"tOuch Kink"

Real-world of BDSM, and fetishism through 4 perspectives: Grace, a soccer mom. Robin, a slave of a Dominatrix. Mistress Evilyne, a Dominatrix facing harassment and January Seraph, the muse, and inspiration behind women's secret power.

Max CandyMax Candy

Florida Selection Committee

Ludella Hahn
Multi-award winning C4S Content Creator
Jason Ninja
Marketing Consultant & C4S Content Creator
Gary Giantess Zone
Industry Veteran & C4S Content Creator
Max Candy
Indy Filmmaker
Sunny Megatron
Editor-in-Chief of Zipper Magazine

A Celebration of Empowering Narratives

The Zipper Film Festival is committed to creating an inclusive space for artists and audiences alike. We encourage open discussions, respect for diverse perspectives, and the celebration of consensual artistic expression.

Mark your calendars so you don't miss the Zipper Film Festival!

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